The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Disney Guests

I think I might have forgotten to mention the super amazing guests we had last week. They were wonderful! They were here for a week and I met them the very first day they were here.

Background info you need to know: in the concierge lounge we have little windows that we can open that allow us to change the buffet food from within the kitchen. Everytime I open them I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her opening song when she opens the shutters and sings.

Anyhow. I first met this family because I was cleaning up the lounge and singing quietly. Of course it was a Disney song. Well the little girl (11 years old) heard me and joined in. So We sang the rest of the song together and were pretty much best friends after that. So I told the whole family about how I feel like Belle sometimes. So every day after that, they would come in for dinner time snacks and knock on the little doors and I would open them and sing Belle's song to them. And the girls would song along. I saw them probably twice a day while they were here and got to really chat with them and make friends. The funniest thing happened when the girls knocked on the window when I wasn't there and To the cast member that opened it, said 'bonjour!'. My co-worker was so confused. Too funny. I had a blast with that family!! The things that happen at Disney are really amazing!!

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