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The Disney Adventure
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Thursday, April 29, 2010


So, today is day two of working. It's been a long time since I worked banquets and I forgot how much I love it. I also forgot how much work it is!! And it's definitely a higher standard of service than I've ever worked. It's little things, like the crown on the china side plates must line up with the napkin. Attention to detail!! I love it. Long days, yesterday I worked from 9am - 9pm and today from 11am-7pm. Which I also love. The uniforms get laundered everyday which is awesome, but I discovered today that if you don't drop off your uniform daily the laundry ladies get REALLY angry and find you and take your uniform off you and give you a new one. True story, it happened. There's a collection of really awesome people working in banquets, from all over the place. Lots and lots of Aussies. LOTS. And a few Canadians. I haven't run into many other BCers. Except there are 4 people that started when K and I did that are from VIU, which was random, all 6 of the new people the day we started were from the island. So random. I also forgot how much banquet workers resemble vultures when it comes to eating. As soon as the buffet comes down everyone swarms and gathers as much food as possible before the trolleys go back to the kitchen. If you've never seen 12 hungry banquet staff who've been working since 6am let loose on a bunch of food, I'd advise watching sometime. It's hysterical. I definitely miss home a lot. Although if I keep working this much I won't have time to miss it. The banquets managers are fantastic. All characters, and very VERY particular about the room setups, but very nice and approachable and friendly. I already feel at home in the department and I've only been there 2 days. Still loving the wildlife here. We saw a little chipmunk-type thing while walking the other day. So cute, we watched it run around and climb a tree and I named it Jimmy. And then it promptly ran into the road and got run over. Right in front of us. Poor little Jimmy. And on that note, here is a picture of an Elk. And no, I didn't pet it, even though I REALLY REALLY wanted to!!

I named this one Joe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well today was orientation day. We got a tour of the hotel and saw some rooms and all the food and beverage outlets. It's AMAZING!! The Eden restaurant is unbelievable. It's western Canada's only 5 star dining room and you can tell. The views are surreal. The mountains are so gorgeous. I met my direct supervisor briefly as well. The hotel is pretty confusing, I foresee getting lost once or twice. K already got lost last night trying to get back to our room. On a fabulous note, the beds in our room are SUPER comfy. In fact I had a nap today. It was lovely. I haven't taken a picture of our room yet because my camera has been dead, but I'll do it soon. Also, we're going to have to get shaw in so we can have some internet. Apparently, the hotel has no wireless for us. Which sucks, but it's only $10 a month to have it hooked up so that's ok. Getting excited to start work tomorrow morning. I love banquets, and the conference facilities here are amazing. 14 rooms plus 2 foyers. I'm getting to work on my co-op goals and I think I have them all ready. For now, I'll attach a pic of me across the valley from the Banff Springs.
You can see the Rimrock just over my head. Bye for now!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Staff Accom

Well it's Monday. Ive been in Banff since Friday staying with friends and relaxing before work begins. Today K and I moved into the resort staff accommodation. I didn't really know what to expect but it's pretty awesome. Pics will be up soon. There's three beds but hopefully we don't get a third roomie because it's just the perfect size for two of us. There's a whole seperate elevator system and floor system for the staff. It's pretty crazy. There's not a lot to cook with so I was lucky tonight when someone took pity on me and leant me a pot to cook my soup in. Each floor has a lounge with a kitchen and washer/dryer. Tomorrow we have orientation and get our resort cards (they double as bus passes, score!!) and hopefully find out our schedules!! Hooray!! As soon as I get the password to the wifi I'll have more photos up. Happy Monday!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010



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Hello Banff!!

So I am officially here! In Banff. It's cold. And snowy. And there's elk everywhere!! It's like Christmas in April! Took a drive through Banff and Canmore today, went on a little wander through the Rimrock Resort. It was nice to have a chance to wader around quietly before I'm actually an employee. It's a beautiful hotel. I'm so excited.
Kali arrives tomorrow and then on Monday we move into the staff comm and on Tuesday it's orientation time!! I still feel like I'm on vacation. Like I'm going to go back home soon. I think it'll hit me when I'm actually working. Here's some photos!! Enjoy!!

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