The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Well it's been a little while since my last post, mostly because I'm home now and I'm in full swing with being back at school and work and riding horses and whatnot, also because non-Disney is so much less fun to write about! I'm getting my condo ready to sell, finishing the last class in my program, and trying to not miss the sunshine state so much. Victoria was glorious the last week or two and then something happened and now it's freezing!!! So upsetting, I'm so cold all the time. Orlando made me a big baby about cold!! My mom and I went on this really cool house tour of 6 amazing houses in Victoria. It was really neat to see, I love architecture and big houses and I'm one of those really nosy people who always wonders what the inside of other people's houses look like. So it was a great little afternoon adventure for us. It made me really think about priorities. Having a really nice fancy house on the ocean really seems like something I really want, in theory. But then I spent the day really thinking about what is most important to me, and I would rather have no home and a passport than a big fancy house tying me to a city. I love travelling and seeing the world. Obviously if I had unlimited capital then I'd buy a fancy house on every continent. But at this point, I'll settle for just getting to every continent. And that's what's important. But gosh were those houses gorgeous!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well I'm in the Seattle airport awaiting a connecting flight. I know what you're thinking, and yes, I'm off again. I'm headed back to florida for a little bit, I'll be back on the island again by Monday. I just have to talk about customs agents for a minute because I think they don't get enough credit. Everyone complains about them but I love them. I've never had a bad customs experience. Even today, I was selected twice for random extra screening and all of my customs agents were great. The first one joked and laughed with me and we had a lovely time. I think that they have a job that sometimes sucks but if you are happy and co-operative with them, then in my experience they are the same way with you. Call me crazy but I always have fun going through customs. And I got a special screening test today that I've never had before, they wiped my hands with a gun powder residue pad and then scanned it!! It was just like CSI, I was so excited!!