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The Disney Adventure
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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Email Diaries

As I have mentioned, sometimes things happen at work and I need to write them down before I forget, so I send myself emails. So here's two that I've sent myself this week. 
May 11th:
I just had the funnest time with some guests. I had two gentlemen come up and ask me about the Boma restaurant. They have wood burning grill fires there and these guests were wondering how much wood we go through in a day and where we get it from. Apparently there's laws in the states prohibiting the transport of some kinds of wood across state lines, which I did not know. Some people might not have liked this kind of question. I however, am someone who LOVES random trivia and was very excited to find out the answer. So i googled it. No answers. So I called Boma. the hostess didn't even know that they had a wood burning grill. So she put me through to the manager. The manager didn't know. So she transfered me to shipping and recieving...I spoke with Mike who sounded very shocked to be hearing  from the concierge desk. Mike knew all about the Boma wood. Apparently we use about half a pallet of oak a day and it comes from our warehouse. We have a wood warehouse. I asked Mike what happens when the wood warehouse runs out of wood....he said it hasn't happened yet. So I learned a fun fact about the wood burning ovens in Boma! I love fun guests, they really make my day!! 
May 12th
Guests make me so happy sometimes! I've had two more really fabulous guest recently.
I had a woman yesterday that I checked in who looked as though she was going to cry when I said 'welcome home' to her. She was SO excited to be here. Her and her sister had been dying to come here together for 6 years and finally they were here. She was just so overwhelmed and excited and didn't really know what she was doing so I spent about 45 minutes with her helping her plan their trip. I found out that she's a scrapbooker so I made sure she had extra copies of everything and she even took a picture of me holding her welcome packet to put into her scrapbook.She was so happy to be here that she made me even happier to be assisting her!! Soooooo I sent her some ammentities. I think I'll check in on her today, see how everything is going!
I also just had a guest who told me that I reminded him of Flo from the progrssive commercials. I really liked that it made me happy. She's such a cool character!! I feel flattered!

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