The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Club Level!

So it's my first OFFICIAL week at the concierge club level. I've been assisting them randomly here and there so at least I kind of know my way around, but now it's official!! It's so much fun, we have different food services at different times of the day and TV's and a Wii! Lots of fun. It's a nice change from the desk, you get to walk around and intereact with guests and you see the same families all day long and you get to know them. It's a lot of fun. Up in the lounge level there is both lounge serving and the club desk. The club desk is like the lobby desk but there's only two cast members there and you get to sit down and talk to the guests. You also get to book all the special savanna tours and fun things like that. So once I've been up in the lounge for a few weeks I'll get trained on the club desk also. So much fun and so much to learn!! Yay!!

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