The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Universal Studios

We went to Universal Studios today!! It was super cool (and yes, that's the technical term)! We got to go into the staff area and hear about their marketing plans from one of the HR directors. It was really interesting to see how much work they put into researching the happiness of their customers and their staff, and how they use that information to adjust their marketing plan. And then we got to talk to the actors in the Terminator 2: 3D show. Derrek got to go on his second roller coaster!! The rides were a lot of fun, as per usual. I do have some photos (obviously) to put up but the internet is EXTRA bad tonight so I'll probably wait until tomorrow at lunch and use the school's internet. I'm definitely ready to move to Orlando, as much fun as it is to be living in a hotel, we live in a hotel. It'll be nice to be able to actually settle down and fully unpack and get into a routine.

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