The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome to the Batcave

Just another adventurous day in banquets!! When someone asks you if you've been to the batcave yet and you haven't what do you say? If you're me you jump up and down and ask to see the batcave!! The batcave is a mysterious place that some people don't believe exists. I'm here to tell you it does. On the second floor, far under all the guest rooms, is a giant cave/storage area where we banquet folk store things like extra tables and old staff files and dirt and dust bunnies. Today I got to go down there. Mother's day is on sunday and we're serving 600 people brunch. They need places to sit. Hence, we needed to retrieve many many tables from the batcave. So when I say it's a cave, I mean it. The floors are part cement, part gravel, the walls are cement and you can see the giant pillars and beams that hold the hotel up. There's also a lot of wiring and such. AND, strangely enough, a wooden platform attached to the ceiling, not unlike a loft, only accessible by ladder. Wierd?? Yup. Awesome? Yup. Every day there's a new adventure!1 I love it!!

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