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The Disney Adventure
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Monday, May 17, 2010


So ever since I can remember I've been super clinically, doctor certified and everything. And all my life I've fought it and people have laughed at me for my counting and obsessing and making everything even and symmetrical. And at last, I've found somewhere I can unleash it. In banquets, when I stop to make sure the candles are perfectly aligned or the fork lines up with the chair leg, no one points and laughs, I'm commended. It's a job well done. It's "attention to detail" not "crazy". It's like a giant weight has been lifted and I'm allowed to spread my crazy all over the banquet department!! Here's my list of official Rock Banquet Rules that satisfy my OCD and make me very happy:
1) The flower on the saucers must be aligned with the napkin
2) Place mats must be one thumbnail width away from the table edge
3) If paper pads are required they too must be one thumbnail width away from the table edge
4) Salt shakers must be on the left of the pepper shakers, left being decided by where the door is

That's all for now, there are plenty more, but as you can see, I'm right at home here and very happy to be counting and aligning and making everything even!! YES!! Love my life!

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