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The Disney Adventure
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


I just realized that not everyone knows who Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is to begin with so I thought I should give a little background in case that last post really confused you! Oswald was Walt's first cartoon creation. It did not start with Mickey. Oswald was the star of Walt's first cartoons and in the 1920's he lost the rights to him through a contract issue. So really it's a good thing that he lost Oswald because if he hadn't he would never have gone on to draw Mickey!!
That's Oswald!!! Also, another interesting tidbit; Walt wanted to call his mouse character 'Mortimer Mouse'. He would have, except that his wife Lily said that was ridiculous and no one wanted to see a cartoon about a mouse named Mortimer. She preferred Mickey. And so Mickey Mouse was officially named!

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