The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

One more time

ok, lets see if this will work now that I'm on a new post
Schwing! It worked. So here is the inside of the alcove, as set for a function.

This is the Larkspur lounge, as seen from just outside the alcove, right next to the concierge desk. In the daytime, the floor to ceiling windows display the Bow Valley quite spectacularly. To the right of Larkspur (you can't see it) is the entrance to the legendary Eden restaurant, where there are 5 diamonds and dreams are made in the kitchen! I'll have some more pics soon, better ones hopefully. I need to get my business clothes on one day and go take pictures of the sugar and chocolate sculptures that our amazing pastry chef has created. That's all for now! love love

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