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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sugar Sculptures!!

So, as I've previously mentioned, out fantastic pastry chef, Guy Vaugeois, winner of the Canadian Culinary Federation's Pastry Chef of the Year award in 2009, makes AMAZING sugar sculptures that are featured all around the hotel! FINALLY here's some photos!! Also as a bonus, I'll throw in a few photos of the Primrose restaurant and the Larkspur Lounge. Speaking of the F&B outlets, I might as well mention that since banquets has been kinda slow, I've been getting a few shifts in Primrose and a few in Larkspur a week. It's really cool to see how each department works! And it was one of my goals to work in as many departments as possible. Every department has different people and protocols that I can learn from!! Next week I get to work a night shift in the Primrose restaurant which should be tons of fun!!

Here's the main entrance to the primrose restaurant!

A dim photo of the entranceway

Nice view from the tables!!

The entranceway again, but brighter!!

The restaurant. 

The restaurant from the entranceway

This is made entirely of chocolate and sugar!! For true!! I know, amazing!!

The little circle piece of chocolate on the bottom is actually painted with the Rimrock logo

And as you can see, the side also says Rimrock Resort!!

 I came into work one morning at 6am and Guy was working on this flower sculpture specifically for a high profile VIP client's lunch table that day. It's all made of sugar!!

How amazing is that!! IT'S MADE OF SUGAR!! I still can't get over it.

This is also made of chocolate

Another chocolate sculpture amidst some menus. 
This one is outside of Eden (the 5 star restaurant). And again, it's all sugar and chocolate. These photos don't really do it justice, it's very complicated and beautiful.

I should clarify that the blue and green cylinders that are in between the levels aren't sugar, they're glass filled with rocks and water, but the flower is all sugar and chocolate.
This fireplace is in the center of the Larkspur lounge and is quite beautiful

High backed comfy chairs and elegant tables are what the Larkspur is all about!

SO!! There you have it. The beauty that I'm surrounded by every day!!

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