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The Disney Adventure
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Exciting news!

So I've been a little bit worried because I haven't officially had a contract for Paris and I've just had the word of my recruiter that I've got a position. Which is fine except the closer I get the more nervous I get. What if they changed their minds? All kinds of questions arise. Well I spoke with my recruiter the other day and she informed me that as soon as I have my working visa (dec 28th) and I fax a copy to her, she will be able to tell me my position and start date!! So that's very very exciting! I feel so much better have a little more reassurance. I guess if I think about it from their point of view, they can't just go off giving everyone contracts without proof that they can work in France or else a lot of people wouldn't show up and whatnot. Also, I'm currently typing this from my very own brand new IPAD!! As a vagabond gypsy, large computers arent really on the list of things that fit in my carry-on. So as my birthday/Xmas/going away present, I am a very lucky girl and have received an iPad. No word yet on what her name is but as soon as she has one I'll let you know. Yay!!

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