The Disney Adventure

The Disney Adventure
The Cinderella Castle!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The final sleep

So I slept in hardcore last night, which felt really really good!!! I don't work until tonight at the nightclub and I was determined to actually get a little bit of sleep for once. My insomnia has been really really bad lately. Partly because it's always bad but then also because I never get to stay asleep once I get there because I've been working at 5:30 am. So today I slept in. Tomorrow is the race for a cause in Canmore. My friend Lucas is driving me and the girls out there (so they can cheer me on!!!) and then the big group takes over my life until wednesday. I'm putting in my notice at the nightclub tonight, which means I'm that much closer to leaving!! Hooray!! I can't wait to come home. I just found out the other day that if I want to do the Disney thing then I need to take an extra course this semester, which means that my course load will be heavy but it'll be soooo worth it. I feel really focused and like I have a distinct goal in mind and when I get focused like that there's no stopping me. I feel a fantastic semester coming on!!!

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